Hello, I’m Katie!

I’m a single mother of the most wonderful girl, a part-time digital designer, and a proud owner of the popular cute website called 365cozydays.com

Oh, yes – I’m also a huge fan of printables!

I wanted to start my blog to share some great content with my visitors, with lots of useful ideas and tons of free things I create.

I also wanted to share my creations with others and help them stay organized in their daily lives.

So, I launched a blog and began sharing my printable pages for free. I was thrilled to see that my designs were resonating with others, and I started receiving requests for custom designs.

Once I saw that people loved my content I wanted to give them even more.

And while I kept (and still keep) giving out a lot of freebies I also realized that I can create extra premium content a.k.a. premium printables.

I set myself a goal to fully support my little family financially with the income gained through selling this premium content.

And of course, things weren’t always easy.

But regardless of the ups and downs I just kept going.

This was the spark that ignited my yet-unknown entrepreneurial spirit. : )

I realized that there was a demand for my designs, and I decided to take the leap and start an online shop to sell my printable planners.

I poured all my time and energy into creating new designs, and before I knew it, my shop was up and running.

The early days were tough, as I had to juggle between creating new designs and promoting my shop.

Well –  I was determined to make it work, and I knew that if I kept pushing, success would come.

And yes – it did!

My printable planners became the best-sellers!

My income went from “freelancer-enough” to a solid number.

So much so that I finally became able to work from home and spend as much time as needed with my girl without worrying about our financial situation.

And on top of it all – I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received from my customers.

As I look back I understand that the key to my success was staying true to my passion and not giving up. But most importantly – staying true to myself and the people I represent!

That’s why I made sure to listen to my visitors and incorporate their feedback into my designs.

I truly believe that if you have a passion for something and are willing to put in the work, you can truly achieve your dreams.

I really hope that you will like my blog, visit my e-store, or just simply will stay around to get to know each other, and will enjoy all of the things that I share on my blog – especially with my subscribers!

You can contact me via the email form below: