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Allow me to introduce myself!

Hey there, I’m Katie.

A single mother of the most wonderful girl, designer and a proud owner of the popular blog called 

Oh, yes – I’m also a huge fan of printables! 

I started my blog to share some great content with my visitors, to share lots of useful ideas and tons of free things that I create. Once I saw that people loved my content I wanted to give them even more. So I just kept going.

Once I found out that my printables can be that useful I decided to switch to the blogging career full time! That’s when I partnered up with the terrific digital marketers and launched an online store and created some ultimate preium planners.

I wanted my planners to be really useful, special and relatible. 

We decided to base each one of the pages on the research and the ideas and tested methods of real people who manage their lives with the help of various planners.

Not just the ideas but the real experience!

After combining all of the information and feedbacks that we got – planners were ready. And the reaction of the internet was just fantastic!

Work done correctly!”

“Just what was needed.”

“First ever online store of the survey-based binders – 1,000+ women’s opinions captured”

What started out at the simple idea turned into the mega project with a lot of thankful people.

More specifically:

1700+ happy planner-owners since launching the e-store and still counting!

And just like that – My dream turned into the reality!

Want to see the binders that provided me with this kind of success? 

You can see some of them in my shop.

" These pre-created organizers are sooo underrated! You have no idea how much you have helped me! "

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